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Earth Science Week Contests 2003

Photography Contest

Ben Kennedy of McGill University, is this year's winner of the Earth Science Week photography contest. Click here to see Ben's photograph of the Tengar Caldera and Mt. Semeru in Indonesia. Photography contest finalists were:

This year's theme is "Living on a Restless Planet," which will correspond with the theme for next year's Earth Science Week. Photos should capture some aspect of natural hazards at any time scale or size. The winning photo will be used in the 2004 Earth Science Week Logo.

Visual Arts Contest

Congratulations go out to Christina Gill of Herndon, Virginia! Her poster, Keeping an Eye on Our Earth, is this year's visual arts contest winnter. Click here to see Christina's poster.

The visual arts contest theme is "Earth Science in Your World". This theme is designed to get students thinking about how Earth science affects their everyday lives.

Essay Contest

Jessica Taylor of Cary, North Carolina is the winner of this year's essay contest. Click here to read her poem on volcanologists. The other essay contest finalists are:

The topic of the essay is "Your Career as an Earth Scientist." Students in grades 5-12 can write about a career they might like to have as a geoscientist. Essays can be either fiction or nonfiction and should be no more than 500 words in length.

Lesson Plan Design Contest

Congratulations to Mary Ball of Jefferson City, Tennessee on her winning Lesson Plan on streamgaging. To view this lesson plan click here.

The lesson plan design contest is new to Earth Science Week this year. It is open to all teachers: K-university. Interested teachers should design a lesson plan for an activity that helps students to better understand and appreciate the importance of monitoring our planet. Lesson plans should tie in with the theme "Eyes on Planet Earth: Monitoring Our Changing World" and use the US Geological Survey's web resources (http://www.usgs.gov) or USGS materials included in the Earth Science Week 2003 Toolkits.

Contest Winners from past years:
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