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Earth Science Week Contests 2004

Photography Contest

Hawaii resident Jennifer Kawata received top honors in the photography contest for her picture of students examining a sulfur-lined fumerole on White Island, off the coast of New Zealand.

The Photography contest was open to the general public. People took pictures of Earth Scientists at work or of students learning Earth science. They were encouraged to capture some of what goes into studying our dynamic planet on film. Submissions could include print or digital photographs.

Visual Arts Contest

Jeffrey Colgrove, Jr., from Mandeville, Louisiana, won the Visual Art Contest with his colorful drawing of a tsunami.

Elementary school students in grades K-4 were eligible to compete in the Visual Arts contest. Students made a drawing, collage or other 2-dimensional piece of artwork that illustrated the theme "Active Earth." The artwork could show a natural hazard, people preparing for a hazard, or Earth scientists at work.

Essay Contest

Bob Chab, of Herndon Virginia, won the essay contest for his composition on the theme "Studying the Active Earth."

Middle school students in grades 5-8 were eligible to compete in the Essay contest. Essays were written as if the student was an Earth scientist who studied a natural hazard. What does a day on the job entail? What equipment is needed? How does this scientist educate the people of his or her community about the natural hazard that is most likely to affect them?

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