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Earth Science Week Contests 2005

Photography Contest

Brandy Anglen of Fresno, California won 1st place in the Earth Science Week photo contest with her photograph that was taken of fieldwork to test the water for sulfur isotopes in McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica on Lake Hoare. To see this photograph click here.

Finalists in this contest were:

  • Daisy Castro
  • Drew Eddy
  • Katie Kent
  • Joanna Koeppel
  • Sudeshna Lahiry
  • Kelly McGowan
  • Michael Mendenhall
  • Dallas Traser
  • Sara Worsham

Submissions illustrated the theme "Extreme Earth Science" by showing an exciting Earth science subject or geoscientists in an amazing location or situation. The goal was to create pictorial evidence of why Earth science is an exciting field to study. Submissions could include print or digital photographs.

Visual Arts Contest

James Pugh of Elgin, South Carolina won the Visual Art Contest with his artwork entitled "Volcanologists: It's a Hot Job." Click here to see this artwork.

Finalists in this contest were:

Students in grades K-5 made a drawing, collage or other 2-dimensional piece of artwork that illustrated the theme "Earth Jobs." Students were encouraged to depict themselves as geoscientists, engaged in a career they might like to have in the Earth sciences. The artwork could also show some of the scientific tools that would be used in the chosen career.

Essay Contest

Robert Kendle of Phoenix, Arizona took first place in the Essay contest with his work "The Big Dream." To read this essay, click here.

Other finalists in this contest were:

Submissions from students grades 5-9 answered the question: "What kind of geoscientist would you like to be, and why?" Essays were to be fewer than 500 words in length and based on student research about a particular career in the Earth sciences.

Contest Winners from past years:
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