Visual Arts Contest

Visual Arts Contest 2015

"Picturing Earth Systems"

About the Contest

AGI is sponsoring a visual arts contest to celebrate Earth Science Week 2015. The visual arts theme for this year is: "Picturing Earth Systems."

Please see below for contest guidelines.

Click here to download the visual arts contest entry form.

Contest Guidelines

Who can enter?

The visual arts contest is open to any interested person in grades K-5. You must be a resident of the United States to enter.

What is the subject of the contest?

Your artwork should focus on the topic “Picturing Earth Systems.”

Earth science is the study of Earth systems — land, water, air, and living things. Scientists pay special attention to the ways that these things affect each other, such as the way wind shapes the landscape or falling rain nourishes plants. These parts of the natural world can be described not only in words and numbers, but also in images. How might you create a picture that illustrates Earth systems affecting each other? Use artwork to show how land, water, air, and living things interact in the world around you.

What do I need to submit?

A valid submission will contain the following information:

1. A two-dimensional (flat) visual arts project no larger than 24 x 36 inches, dealing with the topic "Picturing Earth Systems" Each visual arts project must be original, authentic, unpublished, the sole property and work of the entrant, and not previously submitted in any other contest.

2. Your personal information and a one- to two-sentence description in English of what the image demonstrates printed on the back of the visual arts project:

First and last name
Phone number
E-mail address
Description of artwork

3. A completed and signed entry form. Print out the entry form here and mail it to us with your artwork. Entries cannot be accepted without a signed entry form.

How should I submit my visual arts project?

Submissions for the visual arts contests must be mailed.

All mailed submissions must be sent to:

Earth Science Week 2015 Visual Arts Contest
American Geosciences Institute
4220 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22302-1502

If you have any questions about your visual arts project, please e-mail the Earth Science Week staff at

When is the deadline?

All mailed submissions must be postmarked no later than Friday, October 16, 2015.

How will the visual arts projects be judged?

The visual arts projects will be judged by a panel of geoscientists on creativity and relevance to and incorporation of the topic.

What are the prizes?

The selected entry will win $300 and a copy of AGI’s The Geoscience Handbook. The winner's and finalists' names and entries will be posted to the Earth Science Week website. No cash substitution for prizes will be permitted, and prizes are nontransferable.

Disclaimer: By submitting an entry, an entrant agrees to allow the American Geosciences Institute to use his or her name to post on the AGI Web site, without compensation unless prohibited. All entries and all rights of ownership in and to the entries, including all rights to use, reproduce, publish, modify, edit, and distribute the same will become the exclusive property of AGI and will not be returned. AGI reserves the right to edit, modify, adapt, copyright, publish, use, and reproduce any and all entries without further compensation. The American Geosciences Institute, its agents and contractor, are not responsible for lost, late, misdirected, incomplete, or postage-due entries. Contest void where prohibited or restricted by law.

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