Earth Connections: About the Contest

For Earth Science Week 2017, the American Geosciences Institute invites you to enter the Earth Connections video contest. Submit a brief, 30-90 second original video that tells viewers about how people have an impact on Earth systems, or how Earth systems have an impact on people, in your part of the world.

Earth Science Week 2017 is engaging young people and others in exploring the relationship between human activity and Earth systems, including the geosphere (earth), hydrosphere (water), atmosphere (air), and biosphere (life). This year’s celebration promotes public understanding and stewardship the planet, especially in terms of the ways people affect and are affected by these Earth systems.

We see such interactions in energy, technology, climate change, the environment, natural disasters, industry, agriculture, recreation, tourism, and other areas. Tell us how you see people interacting with Earth systems to make the most of opportunities and manage challenges.

Your video entry might take almost any form. A public service announcement? An animated cartoon? A video incorporating your own original music? An interview with a family member, a professional geoscientist, or a community member who has witnessed change over time in the local environment? Some other format? You decide. Creativity is encouraged!