Earth Science Week Houston

A Citywide Celebration of Earth Science
October 12-14, 2014

Geologic Map of Texas
Courtesy of HGS

Earth Science Week, the geoscience community's leading public awareness campaign, reaches over 50 million people a year through instructional materials, events, promotions, media coverage, and the Internet. The celebration has taken place annually since its inception in 1998, and Houston has always played a big part!

Earth Science Week Houston's founding partners - the Houston Geological Society and the American Geosciences Institute - invite you to take advantage of the wealth of educational materials, events, and opportunities available:

Houston Events

Houston Contests

Houston Activity: Texas Rocks

Earth Science Learning Activities

Spanish/English Education Materials

Participating Houston Organizations

This year's event theme, "Mapping Our World," offers participants an opportunity to educate both the general public and school audiences about the importance of maps in their lives. At a time when geoscience topics such as energy, climate, natural hazards, and the use of geospatial technologies rank among the public's top interests, Houston taking the opportunity to learn during Earth Science Week!

*Geologic Map of Texas Courtesy of HGS