Unparalled Access

Earth Science Week (ESW) reaches a core audience of educators and others who view the campaign as a “rock solid” source of information and resources. Participants overwhelmingly are Earth science teachers at the K-12 level. The campaign also engages geoscience professors, professionals, museum and science center representatives, home schoolers, parents, and students. These self-selected participants return year after year to order the ESW Kit, visit the ESW Official Website, and actively pursue many other opportunities made available through the program.

ESW Participation

Teachers, students, and other geoscience enthusiasts in all 50 states and in more than five countries took part in Earth Science Week 2015. Participation was strong, with 89 percent of participants surveyed saying they plan to increase or maintain level participation next year. A large majority of participants rated Earth Science Week 2015 as excellent or good.

Kit Distribution

AGI distributed more than 16,000 Earth Science Week kits to teachers and geoscientists. In addition to the thousands distributed to educators nationwide by credible, highly regarded partners such as AAPG and NASA, many AGI Member Societies and State Geological Surveys distributed kits. Clear majorities of Earth Science Week participants gave high marks to materials included in the kit.

Official Website

The ESW Official Website received more than 540,000 page views in 2015. Online materials and services were deemed useful by majorities of participants.


The monthly Earth Science Week Update e-newsletter reaches some 6,500 subscribers. The electronic newsletter was one of the program components rated most highly by participants.

Event Contests

Several hundred people nationwide entered Earth Science Week’s Visual Arts, Essay and Photography Contests in 2015. The contests encouraged participants to become involved in the celebration by exploring academic and artistic applications of Earth science.

Media Penetration

Each year, more and more people are introduced to Earth Science Week by reading or watching a news story in the media. In 2015, a documented 50 million people learned about the program through promotions, education, the Internet, and print and television media coverage. The Earth Science Week 2015 poster, including a geoscience learning activity, was inserted into several magazines, including The Earth Scientist, GSA Today, AAPG Explorer, and AGI’s Earth Magazine. In 2015, articles about Earth Science Week were published in The New York Times, The Washington Post Magazine, TIME for Kids, Popular Science, Smithsonian Science News, and Forbes, and network TV affiliates.