Earth Science Week, October 7-12, 2001

Governor Parris N. Glendening has signed a Proclamation designating October 7-13, 2001 Earth Science Week. Last year, thirty governors joined Governor Glendening in signing Proclamations. The Proclamation acknowledges the Earth Sciences as an integral part of our society by providing information on a range of societal issues, including conservation practices, environmental assessment, land use, resource assessment, and geohazard mitigation. The Proclamation also acknowledges the contributions of the Earth Sciences to the understanding of, and respect for, the Earth's natural systems and cycles and the conservation of Maryland's environment and heritage.

There will be many activities associated with Earth Science Week. Information and teaching materials can be accessed at Information on Maryland's geology can be accessed at Just in time, Maryland's first three-component, broad-based seismometer (and associated infrastructure) has been installed at Soldier's Delight Natural Environment Area. Shortly, a real-time seismic signal and 24-hour seismic record can be accessed through the Maryland Geological Survey website. The MGS seismograph is part of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory seismic network, including the six seismometers in Delaware.

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