Presidental Earth Science Week Message

The following presidential message was released by the White House in recognition of Earth Science Week 2004, which extends from October 12th to 18th. The message joins proclamations issued by numerous state governors and city mayors.

AGI thanks President Bush for this statement and thanks all the geoscientists who have organized the many Earth Science Week activities going on across the United States and around the world.


October 8, 2004

I send greetings to those celebrating Earth Science Week 2004, sponsored by the American Geosciences Institute.

Americans are blessed to live amid many wonders of nature. We have made remarkable progress over the years in protecting our environment and natural resources, and we must continue to conserve our national heritage through good stewardship. Earth scientists improve our understanding of the world around us and help ensure that our national treasures remain clean, safe, and a source of pride to our citizens.

This year's theme, "Living on a Restless Earth," provides an opportunity for students to learn more about our beautiful planet and how Earth scientists contribute to the health and safety of our citizens. I commend teachers, parents and all those involved in educating our children about the world around us. I also applaud those working in the Earth science field for conserving our environment and maintaining the beauty of our country for future generations.

Laura joins me in sending our best wishes.

George W. Bush