Message from the Utah Geological Survey

Earth Science Week provides us with the opportunity to expand the public's understanding of Utah's geology, which in turn helps with:

Olene Smith Walker

Whereas, earth sciences contribute to our understanding, appreciation of and our respect for nature;

Whereas, earth sciences provide the basis for preparing for and mitigating natural hazards such as the earthquakes, floods, landslides, expansive soils and subsidence experiences;

Whereas, earth sciences are integral to finding, developing and conserving mineral, energy and water resources needed for Utah's continuing prosperity and for handling environmental and ecological issues ranging from water and air quality to waste disposal; and

Whereas, geological factors regarding resources, hazards and environment are key to land management and land use decisions made in Utah;

Now, Therefore, I, Olene S. Walker, governor of the state of Utah, do hereby declare the week of October 10 through 16, 2004, as

Earth Science Week

Olene S. Walker