George Ryan
of the 
State of Illinois

WHEREAS, geology and the other earth sciences are fundamental to society, and

WHEREAS, the earth sciences are integral to finding, developing, and conserving mineral, energy, and water resources needed for society, and

WHEREAS, the earth sciences provide the basis for preparing for and mitigating natural hazards such as floods, landslides, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, sinkholes, and coastal erosion, and

WHEREAS, the earth sciences are crucial to environmental and ecological issues ranging from water and air quality to waste disposal, and

WHEREAS, geological factors of resources, hazards, and environment are vital to land management and land use decisions at local, state, regional, national, international, and global levels, and

WHEREAS, the earth sciences contribute critical pieces to our understanding of Nature,

THEREFORE, be it resolved that the second full week of October henceforth be designated as "Earth Science Week."

George Ryan