Message from State Geologist
Charlie Mankin

Once again, through Earth Sciences Week, we have the opportunity to focus attention on the place where we live-Planet Earth. Over the centuries that humans have lived on this planet, we have been provided with the space and resources needed for a comfortable existence. As our numbers continue to grow, the need for space and resources from our Earth increases as well.

Because space and resources are finite, we need to make sure that both are used wisely. That can best be accomplished through a reasoned and balanced public education about these commodities. Earth Sciences Week provides that opportunity. It is up to us to carry through.



Whereas, geology and the other earth sciences are fundamental to the safety, health, and welfare of Oklahomans and to the economy of Oklahoma; and 

Whereas, the earth sciences are integral to finding, developing, and conserving petroleum, coal, industrial minerals, and water resources needed for Oklahoma’s continuing prosperity; and

Whereas, the earth sciences provide the basis for preparing for and mitigating natural hazards such as floods, droughts, earthquakes, landslides, expansive soils, and ground failures experienced from time to time in Oklahoma; and 

Whereas, the earth sciences are crucial to the environmental and ecological issues ranging from water and air quality to waste disposal; and

Whereas, geological factors are vital to making land-management and land-use decisions in Oklahoma; and

Whereas, the earth sciences contribute information critical to our understanding, appreciation, and respect for Nature:

Now, therefore, I, Frank Keating, Governor of the State of Oklahoma, do hereby proclaim the second week in October henceforth, as 


in the State of Oklahoma. 

Frank Keating