Citywide Celebrations


Join Earth Science Week by hosting your own citywide celebration!

“Citywide Celebrations” of Earth Science Week allow regional geoscience organizations to band together, command the attention of local news media, and maximize public participation.

Earth Science Week Denver

Earth Science Week Houston

How can you kick off your own Citywide Celebration?

  • Reach out to geoscience organizations in your area such as local schools, colleges and universities, museums and science centers, government agencies, associations, clubs, private companies.
  • Coordinate events and offerings during Earth Science Week, such as classroom visits, contests, open houses, field trips, hikes, lectures, film screenings, and webinars.
  • Connect science teachers in local schools to geoscience organizations throughout the region, providing young people with access to professional expertise and a window into the grown-up world of Earth science.
  • Alert the local news media to your Citywide Celebration with coordinated press releases detailing the activities of event partners in your area.
  • Send information on your activities to to see your Citywide Celebration promoted alongside others here! And have a terrific Earth Science Week!