For Students: University

Want to get involved in Earth Science Week? Find out what's going on in your area, or plan an event yourself. Earth Science Week is the perfect time to show people the importance of what you do!

Don't have a student group? You can gather your friends, faculty and staff to plan some way to celebrate this important week.

  • What's Going On:
    Find out about Earth Science Week events in your community, and around the country.
  • Earth Science Organizations:
    Coordinate with other earth science groups. Search the Earth Science Network for other groups in your area.
  • Plan an Event:
    If your school has a geology club or an Earth science group, plan an event for your department, school, or for local school kids. You could make it a fundraiser for your group, or tie in with your department's outreach program for your local community. This site has many planning tips and ideas.
  • Visit a Classroom:
    Be a visiting scientist for a local classroom.
  • Photography Contest:
    Enter the Earth Science Week Photography Contest.
Has your state issued an Earth Science Week Proclamation?
Lobby your state geologist to obtain an official proclamation from your state governor.