Global GIS Lesson: GIS Skills Involved

Exploring North American Earthquakes

By Joseph J. Kerski

GIS Skills Involved

  1. Navigating through and effectively using a GIS interface and software.
  2. Changing map symbology to create different thematic maps.
  3. Manipulating tabular information, including selecting attributes, querying tables, and sorting tables.
  4. Querying map data, including proximity analysis.
  5. Downloading and formatting data from the Internet for use in GIS.
  6. Changing map projections.
  7. Creating new information from existing data.

Options for Running the Software:

  1. For users who have installed ArcView Data Publisher, start the “North America Global GIS” icon from the Windows start bar under the ‘Global GIS’ folder. ArcView Data Publisher users will not be able to complete parts 6 and 7 of this lesson.
  2. Users who own a version ArcView 3.x can open the ArcView GIS project named “Namerica_global_gis5_v3.apr” directly off the Global GIS CD. This will give the user the opportunity to save his/her project.

Notes: Before starting, please see under “support and downloads” for any data updates or project updates. The ArcView project delivered on this disk is not compatible with ArcView version 3.0 because of the use of the MrSid image format. ArcView version 3.1 and higher will work. Thus, for Macintosh ArcView version 3.0, users will need to download a compatible Macintosh project, which removes the MrSid image references from the AGI site mentioned above.