Mission and Theme


2024 Theme

The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) is pleased to announce that the theme of Earth Science Week 2024 will be "Earth Science Everywhere." The event, to be held October 13-19, 2024, will explore the many ways that earth science is conducted — by various types of people and professions in interconnected disciplines — to help solve problems for communities and the planet.

Earth Science Week 2024 learning resources and activities will engage young people and others in exploring the many ways that geoscience knowledge and applications can be found in all parts of our lives. Individuals of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities will be engaged in enhancing their understanding of Earth's materials and the rapid or long-term environmental changes that can affect many aspects of our lives and communities.. 


  • To engage students in discovering the Earth sciences.
  • To remind people that Earth science is all around us.
  • To encourage Earth stewardship through understanding.
  • To motivate geoscientists to share their knowledge and enthusiasm about the Earth.