Earth Science Week Geology Hike on Green Mountain, Lakewood, CO

This hike, led by USGS geologist Pete Modreski, will be jointly held for members of the Florissant Scientific Society (FSS) and anyone from the public who wants to join us.  The FSS is an informal group that holds monthly meetings or field trips, at varied locations anywhere in the Front Range area.
On this date, they will be meeting at the Dinosaur Ridge Visitors Center, 16831 W. Alameda Parkway, between Morrison, Golden, and Lakewood.  The group will meet first at 12 noon for a shared potluck lunch (anyone is welcome to join us for this)—meeting in the upstairs level of the “barn” at the Visitors Center.  After finishing lunch at about 1 p.m., we will say a few words about local geology, then drive to the Hayden Green Mountain Park trailhead on W. Alameda Parkway (opposite W. Florida Drive, about 2.5 miles east of the Visitors Center).  We'll hike up the trails to the top of Green Mountain, ultimately going to see some large petrified logs.The total (round trip) hiking distance will be a little less than 5 miles (it’s about 2.3 miles each way); if we begin the hike at about 1:30 p.m., we should be back by about 5:30.
We will not leave cars at Dinosaur Ridge, because the Visitors Center and parking lot close and are locked up at 5:00 p.m. For the final part of the hike to reach the petrified logs, we have a permit from Lakewood Parks & Recreation to follow a normally blocked-off "social trail" along a ridge top and to walk off the established trails. The trail climbs about 600 feet in elevation from the trailhead to the highest point we'll reach, by the radio tower. We'll then be descending about 250 feet to reach the sites of the petrified logs--so, counting the return trip, the total elevation climb will be about 850 feet.  On the way to Green Mountain, we'll look at the location of some of the geologic contacts we pass between the Visitors Center and the trailhead, including the approximate location of the K-T boundary.
Please note, if the trails on Green Mountain remain excessively muddy due to the snow that we had we will NOT do this hike; instead, we'll look at some of the newly observed fossil features along the road on Dinosaur Ridge.  However, the forecast for the rest of the week and weekend is sunny and dry, so it looks like the trails should be OK for our hike.
All who wish to come on this hike are welcome to join us. It is not necessary to register in advance, but for questions or directions or uncertainty about the weather conditions on the 15th, please call or email Pete Modreski, cell 720-205-2553, email (weekdays) or (weekend).
Sunday, October 15, 2017 - 01:00

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