2002 AASG Reaffirmation

2002 AASG Reaffirmation

The AASG Executive Committee recently passed a motion to reaffirm AASG's support of Earth Science Week and to relay the following information to AASG Members, Associates and Honorary Members:

AASG has been involved with Earth Science Week since its inception. We helped to choose the second full week of October as Earth Science Week, and it was an AASG resolution (June 27, 1997, printed on page 109 of the 1998 issue of The State Geologists Journal and attached as a WORD file) to that effect that helped to set the program into motion.

The second full week of October was chosen because in most parts of the country it is a pleasant time for getting into the field, because most colleges would be in session but not near finals, because there aren't a lot of large geoscience meetings generally at that time, and because, with Earth Day in April, it would provide another season for which there could be a focus on the Earth. AASG encouraged all the states to seek resolutions from their governors, and many of us followed the AASG resolution model, which said something to the effect that henceforth, the second full week of October would be Earth Science Week. Still others work with their governors every year to have a Earth Science Week declared anew.

In addition to the individual state proclamations, since 1997 many state geological surveys have been actively involved and supportive of events to publicize Earth Science Week. Each year, state geological surveys and their employees arrange and lead events such as lectures and field trips for the public. Over the years, AASG members have worked to create a more cooperative effort among local and national groups to encourage Earth Science Week activities within our own states. Documentation about many of these activities and events can be found on the web sites of state geological surveys.

Therefore, the 2002-2003 AASG Executive Committee reaffirms AASG's support of Earth Science Week. By redistributing the 1997 Resolution, we remind all State Geologists of the importance of this national effort, and encourage AASG Members, Associates and Honorary Members to actively develop or participate in Earth Science Week activities again this year, 13 - 19 October, 2002.

The 1997 AASG Resolution about Earth Science Week will be posted on the AASG web site The AGI is managing the main Earth Science Week page at: www.earthsciweek.org/.