Premium Toolbox -- Key Supplies and Equipment

Theme: Visualizing Earth Systems

The following list gives details of the items that were included by the American Geosciences Institute (AGI) in the “2015 Premium Toolbox” that was prepared for our partner schools in Denver and Houston. The quantities given are what were provided in the AGI toolbox, with the intent of outfitting a classroom of 30 students. There are many alternative items that can be used. Please refer to the Teaching Activities Guide to see how the items are used so that you can consider what will work in your setting. Though we were satisfied with our experience and item performance, AGI does not necessarily endorse the providers or the specific items listed.





Item Name/Specific Information


Activity booklet

American Geosciences Institute

AGI Earth Science Week Visualizing Earth Systems: Teaching Activities Guide




Solar balloon


TEDCO Tedcotoys Kids Activity 50-Foot Solar Balloon, ASIN # B00LW7WGRK




Creative Motion Industries, Inc.

Solar Engine, Product code 11375

(Note: This product code is for a case of 12. Radiometers are available individually from many suppliers.)



Light meters


Digital Light Meter 0 – 50,000 Lux Tester FC Photo Camera Luxmeter 3 Ranges Selectable, Model NUB1010B



UV test cards

Extra Mile

Quantadose UVC Light Test Card with UVC Light Wavelength Indicator and Intensity Test



Diffraction glasses

Rainbow Symphony, Inc.

Diffraction Glasses 1000 lines/mm



UV sensitive, phosphorescent beads

Gert’s Glow House

UV Multi-color glowing changing reactive plastic pony beads, Part # 51



Additional items that are not essential to the activities in the Teaching Activities Guide were also included in the toolbox, such as posters, book marks, Earth Science Week kits, and more. This list only includes those that are needed for the activities in the guide.