Dunes in Arizona

GeoWord of the Day: trough [sed struc]

trough [sed struc] . The part of a ripple with an elevation of less than half its total height (Blatt et al., 1980).

Earth Science Week 2014 Poster

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Earth Science Week 2014 celebrates the theme "Earth's Connected Systems," emphasizing interactions among the Earth systems of land, water, air, and life.

Geological Fault

Citizen Science

We invite students and others to participate in research on earthquakes, coastal erosion, flooding, landslides, and other geoscientific phenomena.

Child working on science

Geoscience for Everyone Day

Join the Earth Science Week team in encouraging everyone to explore careers in the geosciences!

Earth from space.

Citywide Celebrations

Denver and Houston are kicking off local Earth Science Week celebrations this year. Will your town be next?

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