2020 Earth Science Week Contests

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Video Contest

"Earth Materials Around the World"

(All ages)

Click here for more information about the Earth Materials Around the World video contest exploring the many ways people interact with our planet’s raw materials. Leading up to Earth Science Week 2020, the American Geosciences Institute invites individuals and teams to enter the video contest. You are invited to submit a brief, original video that show how people of various backgrounds around the world make the most of Earth materials!

Photography Contest

"Earth Materials in My Community"

(All ages)

Earth materials are everywhere, though sometimes in forms we might not expect — such as in our clothes, our food, or our technology. Consider the Earth systems; that is, the geosphere (land), hydrosphere (water), atmosphere (air), and biosphere (living things). What are some of the special ways that Earth matters are used in your community? With your camera, capture an image of the ways Earth materials are part of life where you live. More info.

Visual Arts Contest

 "Earth Materials and Me"

 (Grades K-5)

 Earth science is the study of Earth systems — our planet’s land, water, air, and living things. When scientists study Earth materials, they are looking at natural resources like rocks, minerals, oil, and fresh water. We use these raw materials in things like buildings, roads, energy, clothing, and food. How do you use Earth materials? Use your artistic ability to produce an original work of art that shows how Earth materials play a role in your life. More info.

Essay Contest

"How We Process Earth Materials"

(Grades 6-9)

We do not always think about the many ways people find, access, transport, refine, combine, distribute, use, discard, or reuse and recycle Earth materials. As individuals and as a society, we make deliberate choices about such processes. How can we develop practices and policies that allow us to derive practical value from raw materials while maintaining community values? More info.

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