2023 Earth Science Week Contests

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Video Contest

"Geoscience Innovation Worldwide"

(All ages, U.S. and international participants)

Click here for more information about the Geoscience Innovation Worldwide video contest. Leading up to Earth Science Week 2023, the American Geosciences Institute invites individuals and teams to enter the video contest. You are invited to submit a brief, original video on how people are exploring new Earth science technologies and practices that can lead to healthier, more sustainable communities around the world.

Photography Contest

"Innovation Right Here"

(All ages, U.S. participants*)

Geoscience innovations are all around us. They shape the ways we interact with the Earth, water, atmosphere, and other living things, often right in our own back yards. How are the geosciences exploring new technologies or practices where you live? With your camera, capture an image that shows how geoscience innovation is improving life in your community. More info.

Visual Arts Contest

 "Earth Science Innovations"

 (Grades K-5, U.S. participants)

“Innovations” are new inventions, actions, and ideas that can improve people’s lives. Earth scientists are always trying out innovations to change and improve how people interact with land, water, air, and other living things. Some innovations deal with areas such as food, water, clothes, buildings, energy, recreation, natural hazards, and many others. Use your artistic skills to produce an original work of art that shows how Earth science innovations improve how people interact with planet Earth. Click here for more info.

Essay Contest

"Geoscience Innovations Solving Problems"

(Grades 6-9, U.S. participants)

The world faces challenges in several areas including health, safe water, agriculture, infrastructure, energy, climate change, industrial development, and poverty. Geoscience professionals are continually innovating with new technologies and practices — affecting the geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere — to solve problems and create healthier, more sustainable communities. Describe how one geoscience innovation is making the world a better place. More info.

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