2021 Earth Science Week Contests


Video Contest

"Water Is Part of Life Around the World"

(All ages)

Click here for more information about the Water Is Part of Life Around the World video contest. Leading up to Earth Science Week 2021, the American Geosciences Institute invites individuals and teams to enter the video contest. You are invited to submit a brief, original video exploring the many ways people interact with water, perhaps our most vital natural resource!

AAPG Student Chapters: "Water Is Part of Life Around the World"

(Teams of interested persons who are members of any AAPG Student Chapter in the Asia Pacific Region)

For Earth Science Week 2021, the American Geosciences Institute invites members of the AAPG Student Chapters in the Asia Pacific Region to enter the “Water Is Part of Life Around the World” video contest. Submit an original video that is one to three minutes long that explores some of the ways that people use or are impacted by water in your community. Click here for more information.

Photography Contest

"Water as a Resource in My Community"

(All ages)

We can see water everywhere — in our food and drink, our cleaning practices, our playtime, our travel and business, our energy, our environment, and more. Consider the Earth systems; that is, the geosphere (land), hydrosphere (water), atmosphere (air), and biosphere (living things). What are some of the special ways that people use, or are impacted by, water? With your camera, capture an image of the ways water is an important part of life in your community. More info.

Visual Arts Contest

 "Water and Me"

 (Grades K-5)

Earth science is the study of Earth systems — our planet’s land, water, air, and living things — and how they affect each otherConsider your daily life. What are the ways you use water? How does water shape your life? What impact do you have on water? Use your creative ability to produce an original work of art that shows the roles that water plays in your life. Click here for more info.

Essay Contest

"How We Understand, Use, and Protect Water"

(Grades 6-9)

Think of the many ways people find, study, manage, process, distribute, use, and protect water resources. As individuals and as a society, we make important decisions about water that touch on issues such as energy, climate change, the environment, natural hazards, technology, industry, agriculture, recreation, conservation, and the economy. How can we use water as a natural resource in ways that support sustainable practices? More info.

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