Classroom Activities

Here you can find suggested Earth science related activities. Most are categorized based on the Next Generation Science Standards, and the earlier National Science Education Standards. Activities are also marked with an appropriate grade level. These Earth science activities are fun and educational. To access these activities, click on the activity name in the chart below.

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Titlesort descending Grade Level Tags
Ocean Acidification 1-12 activity, atmosphere, fossil fuels, seawater, oceans, acidification
Ocean Currents K-12 activity, oceans, water
Ocean Currents Change Our Earth 6-8 activity, oceans, water
Oil Trap Model 7-12 activity, natural resources, energy
Parks Past, Present, and Future 3-6 activity, geoheritage, rocks, formations, materials, weather, erosion, tectonics, natural hazards
Particle Size and Oil Production 8-12 activity, rocks, materials, minerals, natural resources
Places on the Planet: Latitude and Longitude 6-8 activity, climate, weather, dynamic planet, energy, fossils, materials, minerals, oceans, rocks, landforms, soil, water, space
Plant an Ozone Monitoring Garden 6-9 activity, space, weather, climate
Predict the Flow 7-10 activity, volcano
Products from Petroleum 3-6 activity, energy, materials, natural resources
Products Made from Petroleum 9-12 activity, energy, materials, minerals, natural resources
Properties of Fluids in Reservoirs 6-10 activity, natural resources, water
Properties of Fresh Water and Sea Water 6-12 activity, water, oceans
Rain and Soil 5-10 activity, soil, minerals, organic, water, air
Reclaiming a Mine Site 5-9 activity, reclaimation, soil, landscape, overburden, aggregates
Ring of Fire 6-9 activity, dynamic planet
Rock Abrasion 5-12 activity, rocks
Rock Around the World 4-9 activity
Rock Art in the National Parks 3-8 activity, rocks
Rock Pop 5-11 activity
Sea and Ice Salinity 6-10 activity, oceans, water, minerals
Sea Level and the Terrapin 6-10 activity, oceans
Seismic Calendar 9-12 activity, dynamic planet
Seismic Mapping 5-9 activity, dynamic planet
Shoebox Geologist 6-10 activity, processes, geology, stratigraphy, materials, rocks, deposits