2003 Essay Contest Winner

Entry by Jessica Taylor

Who is a Volcanologist and what do they do?

Does it ever make your brain corrupt
Just wondering how a volcano erupts.

Volcanologists study this process
So you don’t have to guess.

First, Volcanologists love to study,
And aren’t afraid to get muddy.

They don’t just travel here and there,
They simply travel everywhere.

They observe where all volcanoes are
And they don’t just travel by car.

They fly to many exotic islands
Where people need a helping hand.

They know when a volcano is about to burst
So they can get people out first.

The main purpose is to protect
So people don’t feel the effect.

Volcanologists also study the past,
The old eruptions and how long they last.

Volcanoes leave lots of deposits behind
Made up of residue of all shapes and kinds.

So if you want to study volcanology
You will need to know their scientific biology.

It will be hard to do the learning
But you may save many people from burning.

It might feel like climbing a steep hill
But in the end you’ll need the skill.

To be a volcanologist you must be healthy
And you just might become very wealthy.

If you work hard you’ll have a reason to cheer
Because you can make between $30,000 and $80,000 a year.

13% of volcanologists in 2001 were female
So that must mean more people interested in volcanoes are male.

If you are a volcanologist you might have to give up time with friends
Because you will have to work on weekends.

Don’t be a volcanologist if you hate risk and danger
And also if you don’t like to meet many strangers.

No matter your height
You’ll need good eyesight.

You will also get many vacations,
Where you will need to now how to make observations

Being a volcanologist you’ll have to go by a theme
That everyone together works as a team.

With the media you will have to interact.
You’ll definitely need that important contact.

Volcanologists need to be familiar with an earthquake
Because they can cause volcanoes to erupt with their shake.

New Zealand has the most natural hazards on their sand
So they may need volcanologists on demand.

On this very important volcanology quest
You’ll need to be familiar with taking tests.

A very major volcano attribution
Is the remarkable, interesting ash distribution.

Even if you think that you don’t know squat
You at least need to know that volcanoes are hot.

There would be no volcano alliance
In the pursuit of knowledge without geoscience.

Many people would certainly yelp
If it weren’t for the volcanologists’ essential help.

Even though I haven’t told you everything there is to know
I’m afraid that it is now my time to go.

Volcanology is all about having fun
Now that you know that - I am definitely done.