Tips for Fundraising

If Earth Science Week activities in your community require significant funding, corporations, local businesses, and individual sponsors may be willing to help. Realistic planning, effective solicitation, and prompt follow-up are key elements of successful fundraising. Follow-up is essential, because donors who receive gracious thank-you letters and clear documentation of how their funds were used are more likely to provide financial support in the future. Remember that Earth Science Week is an annual event. The guidelines below should help you plan an effective fundraising drive to support local Earth Science Week Activities.


  • Set realistic objectives
  • Assess the time necessary for solicitations
  • Establish minimum budget requirements for all of your Earth Science Week events


  • Determine the responsibilities for the fundraising volunteers
  • Create a database of potential donors
  • Develop an appropriate timeline for fundraising actions
  • Draft letters and requests to individuals and businesses

Implement Solicitation Plan

  • Make contact with the designated corporate representative
  • Distribute Earth Science Weeks materials
  • Call contacts to determine status of funding
  • Follow-up
  • Send thank-you letters to all donors
  • Provide donors with documentation of the usage of funds for your Earth Science Week program
  • Prepare a final report
  • Describe all donors, funds allocated, income, and expenses. This will be an important resource for next year's budge