Visiting a Classroom

Interacting with students and teachers is an essential part of Earth Science Week. Since Earth science is such a broad discipline, it may be difficult to narrow your topic enough for a short presentation. These are just a few of the possible angles and ideas you can focus on for your presentation.

Geoscience Careers - Use a geoscience careers poster and/or video to show what geoscientists do.

A Day in the Life of One Earth Scientist - Be sure to include anecdotes about interesting job experiences you've had.

Stewardship for the Earth - Explain how environmental issues and Earth science are closely linked.

Earth Science Benefits Us - Discuss the contributions that Earth science makes to society.

Earth Science Is All Around Us - Discuss Earth science issues that relate to your community or state.

Why I Became an Earth Scientist

Tips for Giving Presentations

Conversational Tone - Kids respond to speakers who are interesting, approachable, understandable, and never condescending.

Appropriate Level - Your presentation must be appropriate for the grade level of the students. It will help to familiarize yourself with the Earth Science Education Standards so that you know what types of Earth science concepts students learn in each grade level.

Tell Your Story - Kids are most impressed with an anecdote of an exciting experience you had. They are more inclined to listen to all you have to say if they are initially captured by a good story. Remember to keep your story short; however exciting your fieldwork in Zimbabwe was, if you ramble for too long, kids are apt to tune out.

Show and Tell - Use visual aids during your presentation. Rock, mineral, or fossil specimens are great visual aids. For other topics, you may have to work a little harder to come up with appropriate visual accompaniments.

Answer Questions - Be prepared to answer questions and allow time for them. Inquisitive students will definitely ask questions; they may ask you anything from where you went to college to if you have kids to why you decided to become a geoscientist. Kids enjoy asking questions, especially when they feel at ease with the speaker. Juniors or seniors in high school will be especially interested in how you decided on your career and what education is required. Answer ALL questions, however trivial; kids are most disappointed when a speaker either cannot or does not answer their questions.

Wrap Up - Before leaving the school, please give the teacher an Earth Science Week evaluation form and request that the completed form be faxed or mailed to the Earth Science Week Program Manager at AGI.