Earth Science Week Update Special Alert!

American Geosciences Institute - September 2016

'One Shared Place'
Contest Deadline Extended

To ensure that all interested participants have time to produce the best contest entries they can, Earth Science Week's organizer is extending the deadline of its new "One Shared Place" contest to Friday, October 14, 2016. The contest is intended to promote understanding of the important role of the geosciences in everyone's life.

AGI, Earth Science Week's organizer, is inviting teams of educators and students each to submit a 30- to 90-second original video informing viewers about an outdoor place that is special in terms of "geoheritage" (natural features, settings, and resources formed over vast periods) and "geoscience" (the study of Earth systems).

Teams submitting entries are encouraged to focus on three key priorities:

* Make sure your entry discusses the Earth science that is central to the geoheritage of your "one shared place." For example, was the geology of the site produced by shifting tectonic plates, volcanic force, or water erosion? When? How?

* Take care to make use of all the media tools at your disposal. For instance, in addition to video footage, you might want to use narration or even music.

* Feel free to use the full 90-second length of video permitted by contest guidelines. The more you can say and show about the geoscience and geoheritage of your site, the better!

This is a great opportunity for teachers and students returning to school, home schoolers, museum or science center groups, after-school science clubs, or groups such as education technology classes or gifted and talented learners.

Winners will be announced following Earth Science Week (October 9-15, 2016), AGI's international public awareness campaign to promote the geosciences, which reaches over 50 million people a year. First prize is $500.

All eligible entries must be submitted through the official entry website ( ). A contest overview is provided in a brief One Shared Place Introduction video available via social media and YouTube ( ). For contest guidelines, see the One Shared Place page on the Earth Science Week website ( ). For more information, contact Celia Thomas, AGI's Center for Geoscience & Society, Program Associate, at .

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