Earth Science Week Update Special Alert!

American Geosciences Institute - October 2017

AGI and Science Friday: 'Let's Talk Rocks!'

Come discuss strategies for rock-inspired inquiry with a team of experienced geoscience experts and educators! You are invited to join AGI in a free Science Friday webinar (of sorts) called "Let's Talk Rocks! Rock Inquiry 101."

 Following up on the spectacular Science Friday radio broadcast that kicked off Earth Science Week 2017, we'll discuss ways to engage with a child's enthusiasm, existing knowledge, and ability to observe, describe, and make inferences about rocks. You'll come away with some new strategies and resources for building on student understanding of the natural world using rocks as a starting place.

 This training is a Science Friday "Webinot." Unlike webinars, webinots are 100 percent fully interactive, kind of like you're actually there. Participants should "bring" their own rocks to stimulate discussion and be prepared to use their webcam with full audio so that they can interact in a virtual "room" with other educators from all over the country.

 When? Wednesday, October 18th at 7pm ET (50 minutes). Where? Online (you'll receive a Zoom link when you register). Who? All educators welcome, but registration is capped at 50.

 Pre-requisites and required materials:

  • Internet access, webcam.
  • The latest version of Zoom installed (free).
  • A neat rock or two you're curious about.

 Register now online!


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