Earth Science Week Classroom Activities

Find Your Park

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Adapted with permission by National Park Service.

A park can be many different things to many different people. For many people, Canyonlands National Park is a favorite showcase of geology.

In each of the park’s districts, you can see the remarkable effects of millions of years of erosion on a landscape of sedimentary rock. The Green River has carved a channel out of rock layers deposited nearly 300 million years ago creating an open book for earth science enthusiast of all ages.

Even if you cannot visit Canyonland National Park in person, you can explore the geoscience represented in the park through online visualizations that are both magnificent to behold and meaningful to contemplate.


  • Computer with internet connection


1. Go online to Canyonlands Interactive Geologic Atlas ( Files are bundled in a “zip” archive. Once downloaded and unpacked, it requires Flash Player to run.

2. Learn about the story of Canyonlands geology with Flash animations developed by the Interactive Geology Project at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

3. Discuss: What do you see? How does the Canyonlands Interactive Geologic Atlas use animated graphics to display how the park’s landscape has evolved over millions of years?

4. Now, go online to Inside Canyonlands Videos ( Join park rangers as they explore the many features of Canyonlands. Check out videos and podcasts available to enhance your trip to the park or simply learn more at home or in the classroom.

5. Discuss: How does this series of short videos provide an in-depth look at a range of topics in the park? How does this deepen your understanding of the geologic features of the park?

Join us in celebrating the 100th birthday of America’s national parks in 2016.