Support Earth Science Week

The annual celebration of Earth Science Week (ESW) fosters awareness and understanding of the Earth sciences among people of all ages. With a mission to promote geoscience education and its relevance to everyday life, Sponsors and Partners can contribute to the production of the ESW Toolkit, in addition to hosting events, being part of the ESW webinars, and promoting all that Earth Science Week has to offer.

ESW Sponsors

Join longstanding Earth Science Week Sponsors such as the U.S. Geological Survey and the AAPG Foundation in supporting this public awareness initiative – and gain visibility for your vital geoscience programs, products, and services!

ESW Partners

Consider a partnership with AGI to create and promote educational materials that can be used by earth science educators around the world.

Additional ways to support ESW

There are many ways for individuals and organizations to support ESW that will help reach a wider audience around the world.