Earth's Magnetic Field

Earth’s Magnetic Field Activity Source: Science Friday. Adapted with permission. If you found yourself in the middle of the ocean, do you think you could find your way home? Sea turtles can, thanks in part to Earth’s magnetic field! All around the surface of the Earth, there is a magnetic field generated by the planet’s large metallic core. The magnetic field varies in strength and direction from place to place, giving different locations unique magnetic “maps. [Read More]

ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning

ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning Activity Source: U.S. Geological Survey, Adapted with permission. Have you ever felt an earthquake? What was it like? Where were you? What did you do? More than 143 million people are exposed to potentially damaging shaking in the United States. When an earthquake happens, seismic waves travel outward in all directions. Primary (P) waves travel faster than secondary (S) waves, which do most damage. But electronic information can be sent faster than P and S waves. [Read More]