Earth Science Week Toolkit

Embark on a journey of discovery with this year’s Earth Science Week Toolkit! Our 2024 edition is packed with engaging resources designed to deepen your understanding and appreciation of Earth sciences. Whether you’re an educator, student, or geoscience enthusiast, this toolkit is your perfect companion for this year’s Earth Science Week. Order your toolkit today!

What’s Inside the Toolkit?

The 2024 toolkit is currently in developement. Check back in June for a listing of the 2024 materials.

In 2023, the toolkit contained:

  • 2023-2024 activity calendar
  • Earth Science Week poster
  • NASA Explore the Globe game poster
  • Teaching resources and professional development information from SSSA
  • USGS Water Cycle Diagram flyer
  • Geologic Map Day poster on geoscience innovations
  • NOAA booklets on climate literacy and climate resiliency
  • Mineral Education Coalition material on Jobs of Tomorrow
  • Discovering Caves resource from National Speleological Society
  • American Geophysical Union material on geoscience in the news
  • Information on meteorology and geoscience from AMS
  • EarthScope Consortium flyer on earthquakes and plate tectonics
  • AIPG material featuring a geologic timescale and more
  • Association for Women Geoscientists flyer on innovations
  • Forest Service material on fossils of federal lands
  • Flyer on resources and more from Nutrients for Life Foundation
  • Earth science material for educators from NESTA and NAGT
  • Bureau of Land Management dinosaur coloring page
  • Caves and karst education material from NCKRI
  • Gemological Institute of America information and games
  • NCRS activity sheets on soil data and urban agriculture
  • Resources on climate and energy science from CLEAN
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service information
  • Geoscience education material from Nourish the Future
  • SEG activity sheets exploring geoscience careers

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