Earth and Human Activity Here Photo Map

Photos for Education

AGI invites submissions for its Earth Science Week 2017 Photo Contest. New to this year’s photo contest, Earth Science Week presents the “Earth and Human Activity Here” Photo Map below. Select entries will be featured on the map, linked to the location of origin. This innovation is intended to serve as an educational resource, prompting discussions in classrooms and other settings. As entries are submitted, AGI will populate the map with examples of ways that people interact with Earth systems where they live. Program participants, students, and teachers are invited to visit the website and view the wide variety of forms these interactions take.

Hover over the camera icons to see the photo submitted. Click on a photo to view larger, formatted version.

If you would like to submit a photo to be posted on the map please include coordinates, an exact address, or a location as close as possible to the exact address. Visit for additional contest guidelines.