2017 Earth Science Week Contests

Video Contest

"Earth Connections"

Click here for more information about the Earth Connections video contest celebrating the many ways human beings connect with Earth systems. Leading up to Earth Science Week 2017, The American Geosciences Institute invites individuals and teams to enter the video contest. You are invited to submit a brief, original video that tells viewers how people affect Earth systems, or how Earth systems affect people, in your part of the world. More info.

Photography Contest

"Earth and Human Activity Here"

Humans, individually and in groups, interact with the planet’s natural systems in many ways. These natural systems include the geosphere (land), hydrosphere (water), atmosphere (air), and biosphere (living things). With a camera, you can capture evidence of some ways people affect, or are affected by, Earth systems around your home, neighborhood, school, workplace, or local public spaces. In a photo, show human interaction with natural systems where you are. More info.

Visual Arts Contest

"People and the Planet"

Earth science is the study of “Earth systems” — our planet’s land, water, air, and living things. The natural world is part of many things that people do. Think of where our food, clothes, and homes come from. Think of the ways we work and play. Think of the forces that shape our weather, our travels, our habits, and all the things we can (and cannot) do. Can you create a picture that shows how human activities shape, and are shaped by, Earth systems? Use artwork to show “people and the planet” in the world that you know. More info.

Essay Contest

"Human Interaction With Earth Systems"

Earth science expands our understanding of, among other things, human interaction with the planet's natural systems and processes. Geoscientists explore the relationship between human activity and the geosphere (earth), hydrosphere (water), atmosphere (air), and biosphere (life). Their impact can be seen in areas such as energy, technology, climate change, the environment, natural disasters, industry, agriculture, recreation, and tourism. Focusing on one topic, explain how geoscience helps us make the most of opportunities and manage challenges. More info.

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