2008 Contest Winners

Photography Contest

Patrick Marchwiak of Mount Prospect, Illinois won first place in this year's Earth Science Week photo contest with his photo of Alex, a geology student, measuring the strike and dip of the southeastern limb of the doubly-plunging Baraboo Syncline (below). 

Submissions illustrated the theme "Earth Science Beyond your Front Door". Submissions could include print or digital photographs.

 Finalists (in alphabetical order):


Visual Arts Contest

Tyler Smith of Tampa, Florida won first place in the Visual Arts contests with his poster depicting himself using the inquiry approach to test soil for lead (below).

Students in grades K-5 made a drawing, collage or other 2-dimensional piece of artwork illustrating the theme "Studying our Earth."

 Finalists (in alphabetical order):


Essay Contest

John "Marshall" Nors of Abott, Texas won first place in the Earth Science Week essay contest with his essay that focused on the positive side effects of hurricanes. To read Marshall's essay, click here.

Students grades 6-9 addressed this year's Earth Science Week theme "Earth Connections" Essays were no more than 300 words in length.

Finalists (in alphabetical order):

The views and assertions presented in essays are neither endorsed by nor reflect the positions the American Geosciences Institute.


International Year of Planet Earth and Earth Science Week 2008 Photography Contest

Lutz Geissler of Freiberg, Germany is the first-place winner of this year's International Year of Planet Earth-Earth Science Week photography contest. Below, view Geissler's photograph of a geology student investigating mica schists in the Eastern Alps of Austria. 

The contest was open to anyone of any age around the world. The theme was "Exploring Earth Science around the World." Submissions could include print or digital photographs.

The second-place winner was Benjamin Acevedo of Desamparados, Costa Rica.

The third-place winner was Simon Jones of Pontypridd, UK.

 Finalists (in alphabetical order):

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