2011 Contest Winners

Photography Contest

Susan Tate of Montague, Michigan, won first place in the photo contest with her image of a wind storm at the White Lake Channel looking over Lake Michigan (below). 

Submissions illustrated the theme "A World of Change in My Community."


Visual Arts Contest

Kristine Zheng from Ann Arbor, Michigan, won first place in the visual arts contest with a colorful drawing demonstrating different Earth chages that can affect Earth's air, water, land, and living things (below).

Students in grades K-5 made two-dimensional artworks illustrating the theme "Picturing Our Ever-Changing Earth."

 Finalists (in alphabetical order):


Essay Contest

Amanda Hackett of Virginia Beach, Virginia, won first place in the essay contest with her writing about how the different interactions among the Earth systems change our planet, how human lives are affected by these changes, and ways people gather evidence to monitor these effects. To read Amanda's essay, click here.

Students in grades 6-9 wrote essays of up to 300 words addressing this year’s theme, "How Change Shapes Our Planet."

Finalists (in alphabetical order):

The views and assertions presented in essays are neither endorsed by nor reflect the positions the American Geosciences Institute.

Contest Winners from past years


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