NCLI Follow Up in the Classroom

© Bob Ridky, USGS

Too often, a special experience comes and goes — and is soon forgotten. Follow-up activities can help reinforce what young people learn on NCLI Day:


  • Celebrate your students’ work at school and throughout the wider community. Connect your NCLI Day experiences with the broader worldwide celebration of Earth Science Week. Send your photos from NCLI Day, along with signed permission forms, to be posted on the Earth Science Week Photo Gallery.
  • Have students work individually or in groups to document their NCLI Day experiences and what they learned. Consider ways they can extend the day’s lessons with additional research or activities. They might conclude by writing reports, designing PowerPoints, or giving presentations.
  • Take advantage of this opportunity to explore cross-curricular connections. Once again, collaborate with teachers of other subjects to find ways that students can draw on their NCLI Day experiences to practice or deepen what they are learning in English/language arts, mathematics, social studies, or other classes.
  • Finally, invite students to talk candidly about their NCLI Day experiences. What did they learn? Which parts of the day did they most appreciate and enjoy? Where did the experience fall short of expectations or potential? How could your school team make next year’s NCLI Day event even better?

For most educators, NCLI Day offers a special opportunity to teach Earth science in a novel way. Take what worked best in your NCLI Day event and build on it. And have a great NCLI Day next year!

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