Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategies

Thank you for supporting Earth Science Week! One of the main goals of the program is to offer high-quality learning activities that stimulate experiential learning and mobilize conceptual thinking in the geosciences. Following is a selection of strategies that are designed to support inclusive activities. They are organized under headings given in Appendix D of the Next Generation Science Standards, which you can visit for a more detailed discussion of each approach. Each strategy is also accompanied by an example of a related geoscience-focused learning experiences. Approaches that are listed for one group may work well with another, which helps to address the range of learner needs and interests.

Fieldwork Among the Pixels: Virtual and Augmented Reality Diversify Geoscience Education

8 pgs. May/June 2018 EARTH Magazine article. PG 72 - 79.

State Soil Investigation

Many states have a designated state bird, flower, fish, tree, rock, and so on. Many states also have a state soil — one that has significance or is important to the state.
The Soil Science Society of America has developed a collection of state soil booklets, designed and written by professional soil scientists from the region to share in-depth information on each state soil. Each soil booklet includes a brief history of
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