Determining Mineral Reserves

Determining Mineral Reserves Activity Source: Minerals Education Coalition. This activity was adapted with permission from theOhio Mining & Mineral Education Program (OMMEP) of the Ohio Aggregates & Industrial Minerals Association (OAIMA) in partnership with Wright State University. Common things we use every day, like roads, sidewalks, schools, hospitals and homes ─ to name just a few ─ are made up of rocks and minerals. As a resource, they are called mineral reserves and include materials like sand, gravel, limestone, granite, and other aggregate and construction materials. [Read More]

Groundwater on the Move

Groundwater on the Move Activity Source: Adapted with permission by Bureau of Land Management. Water that accumulates beneath the surface of the Earth is called groundwater. Contrary to popular belief, groundwater does not form underground “rivers,” but is actually found in the small spaces and cracks between rocks and other material such as sand and gravel. Groundwater supplies about 38 percent of the water used for agriculture in the United States. [Read More]

Using Energy Resources Wisely

Using Energy Resources Wisely Activity Source: American Association of Petroleum Geologists. Adapted with permission. People depend on their energy resources, so they need to know how to use them wisely. How do you think people can use the energy they rely on to heat their homes more efficiently? Materials Plastic cup, foam cup, and metal soup can, all around the same size Plastic wrap and sheets of paper Masking tape Supply of warm water 3 alcohol thermometers Measuring cup Calculator and notebook Graph paper Watch or clock Procedure Predict which item - plastic cup, metal soup can, or foam cup - will keep water warm the longest. [Read More]