2013 Contest Winners

Photography Contest

Libby Hinchliff of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, won first place in the photo contest with her photo of her little sister trying to find her way around the beach (below). 

Submissions illustrated the theme “Mapping My Community.”

 Finalists (in alphabetical order):


Visual Arts Contest

Briana Davis of Wichita, Kansas, won first place in the visual arts contest with a creative drawing of a satellite mapping service for cell phone users (below).

Students in grades K-5 made two-dimensional artworks illustrating the theme “Making Maps Through the Ages.”

 Finalists (in alphabetical order):


Essay Contest

Mason Port of Woodstock, Georgia, won first place in the essay contest with a short paper on seismologists and engineers using fault maps to understand potential earthquake hazards. To read the winning essay, click here.

Students in grades 6-9 wrote essays of up to 300 words addressing this year’s theme, “How Geoscientists Use Maps.”

Finalists (in alphabetical order):

The views and assertions presented in essays are neither endorsed by nor reflect the positions the American Geosciences Institute.

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