Applications of Lidar

Applications of Lidar Look at the Applications of Lidar side of the GMD poster click here to see a larger version Learn more about the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For each image on the poster, list which SDGs could be aligned to what is shown and explain how. Lidar can make geologic features apparent, such as fault scarps and landslides, that may not be visible insatellite imagery. What other types of geologic features or processes might be hidden that lidar can help locate and measure? [Read More]

Lidar Improves Geologic Maps

Lidar Improves Geologic Maps Look at “Enhancing Geologic Maps with Lidar” side of the 2023 GMD poster. click here to see a larger version Examine the top three images on the poster. Make comparisons between the outdated geologic map on the left and the updated geologic map on the right. How has the map improved? Point out specific places where it has changed. Examine the lidar map in the middle. How does this image differ from the geologic maps? [Read More]